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Affordable and lucrative upcoming projects in Pune

Pune is a sprawling city in the state of Maharashtra that is known for the grand Aga Khan Palace, which is now a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. The city, whose population is more than 2.5 million, is getting diversified day after day with infrastructural projects like hotels and housing, renowned international universities, and with tourist places near-by. Here, we get deeper into the story of the city and provide you the reasons behind the upcoming of various new properties in Pune:-


Budget Flats in Pune
        Affordable upcoming projects in Pune


The first six lanes high speed expressway was the Mumbai-Pune Expressway that was built in 2002. Pune is well connected to other cities like Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmednagar – to name only a few, via national and state highways. Apart from the exterior, the interior road transport system within the city, caters very efficiently to a population bigger than 2 million. The bus services in Pune have a dedicated bus lanes, which allow quick and rapid transit between different areas. This has pushed the development of residential properties in Pune as the city is more capable of catering to a bigger crowd.

Educational Hubs

One of the India’s premier institutes like Film and Television Institute of India, Symbiosis International University and FLAME University are situated in Pune. These institutes draw aspirants in thousands of number, every year. Apart from these three, there are a plenty of other private and governmental institutes and colleges that can cater to myriad streams, from science to commerce to arts. And once they get selected they have to put up in the city for at least 2 to 3 years. This situation makes them look forward for affordable and upcoming projects in Pune, were they can stay for the stipulated number of years to pursue their career.

Recreational Avenues

Pune is known for a relatively younger crowd that would obviously want to party during the weekends. The comfortable weather all-round the year makes it possible for the party heads to select any spot at any time. Also, the inflow of international tourists that are touring India, is in good amount. This makes it important that there are a range of recreational avenues like restaurants, pubs, night clubs and others to grow, so that the visitors are kept engaged for a loving experience. This necessitates the growth of new properties in Pune that would encourage as well entertain the young blood.

Increasing Tourism

Be it lakes, religious festivals, architectural facades, or historical gardens, Pune has everything that you could think of. Bird watching is one of the main highlights to attract the tourists. With the government promoting tourism, it becomes easier for the tourists to stay back at the residential projects in Pune and savour every moment of their visit.


The above reasons make it necessary for the initiation of affordable and lucrative upcoming projects in Pune. Catering to a larger, younger and newer crowd it becomes indispensable.

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Dream Home Dream House Furniture Furniture and Interiors Home Home Decor Styles Home Design Elements Ideas interior Interiors Modern Furniture Modern Homes Quirky

5 Quirky Furniture Items To Deck Up Your House

A home says a lot about the people who reside in it.
If you are looking to find the essence of your home then you might want to consider a revamp with the furniture in your living room.

Here are some off-the-deck and quirky furniture ideas:

1. Colour-Me-Pretty sofa


Courtesy: Coloured Sofa

Patchwork patterns for a sofa that can brighten up your living room!

2. A wine-centric table


Courtesy: Wine Centric Table

Something classy to watch. Something grand to relish. Much quirky in your living room indeed.

3. Pack-me up chair


Courtesy: Pack me up chair

This surely is a nice little DIY project that takes cozy and homely chair to a whole new level!

4. Furry little settlement


Courtesy: Furry Bean Bag

A beanbag that is comfy by its usage and appearance! This could be your own little furry mate, redefined!

5. Honey-Combed storage


Courtesy: Honey Combed Storage

It’s fashionable. It’s quirky.
Surely gives you something useful and pretty, in one!

Quirky and trendy furniture could be exactly what your living room needs to feel lively and decked up!

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Commercial Property in Pune Properties in Pune

Reasons Why You Must Be An Entrepreneur

The Make-in-India movement by the present government encourages the youngsters to start up a new entrepreneurial project. Here is where the term ‘start-up’ took its birth. So, if you are looking to set up a business in any part of India, then you may consider Pune, as it is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Being the trendiest thing in the business world, here we give reasons why you should be an entrepreneur yourself.


Are you are tired of carrying out your boss’ instructions throughout the day without any of your inputs? Then you must start your own project and be self-reliant.


Every individual has different ideas and ways to handle a project – from selection of property and furnishing it to handling clients. Starting up a new business empowers them its full creative control. You may wish to deal with any situation in your own creative manner, without any oppressions from seniors. The new properties in Pune go with the creative aesthetics of your modern needs. This makes the selection process easier.

Social Recognition

People who believe in themselves and start up a new project are considered to be more charismatic. They enjoy better recognition and social reputation. Once you enjoy such a repute, you may also enjoy the title of being a self-made man.

Nation’s Benefit

New projects create more job opportunities that employ more people. It improves the employment statistics, which in turn pushes a nation ahead, towards growth. The available commercial property in Pune supports new entrepreneurs and availing them is very easy.

The above reasons must be enough to encourage you to start your own business, in Pune itself. If not, still go for it. It’s a thrilling experience. There are many commercial properties in Pune that are available. Getting one of them would be the best head start that you can get.

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Residential projects Residential property in pune

Reasons You Must Purchase A House Immediately

Everyone must have some goals for this year. Many people might have set their goals on owning a house or might be planning to buy their own house. The obvious reasons include pride of ownership, and a place you can call your own. Also there are the tax benefits you reap. There are a multitude of other reasons why owning your own home can make your life better.


May be you have just got married and are planning to give life, a fresh start. That should be enough reason to buy a new house, depending on the disposable budget. If you are placed at metro cities like Mumbai or Pune, where it’s very difficult to find house at the desired price and location, you must keep track of budget flats in Pune for sale or in Mumbai by contacting a broker.


Growth, is the barometer of success. And it is the expansion of any personal property that finally growth is diverted to. So, if you are really progressing at a very good speed, you might give a thought to purchasing of either a car or a flat. A car’s value would depreciate in time, so you would ideally go ahead with a premium flat. A flat’s utility could be multi-purposeful, from being used as a guest house to be used as a holiday home. In a nutshell, you may think of purchasing any of the 1 BHK premium residences in Pune, Mumbai or the city you live in.


If any of the above reasons do not apply, then you may also be futuristic. You can purchase a property just for the sake of an investment. As property’s prices are bound to increase in future, you would not have to worry at all about it. For instance, there are a plenty of good residential projects in Undri, Pune where you can find the worth of your investment.

If you keep waiting for the right time to buy a house, you will keep on waiting. So go ahead and buy a nice house for yourself from one of the leading developers in Pune, LUSHlife.

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Antique Colors decor Decoration

5 Simple Things To Make You Feel Happier at Home

Home is a place that everyone looks forward to at the end of the day. As well as Staying in, is the new going out nowadays. So your home needs to be with the little things that makes you happy. Here are a few simple things that would make you feel happier at home.

Play around with colours

Play with colours - 3


Use different colours all around your home. Colour connects you to a ton of items.

Mix and match



Don’t be afraid to go offbeat. Use different materials to make it unique.

Nurture Nature Inside


Courtesy: Bonsai

A bowl of fish or greenery is nice for brightening the dark wall.

Create your own Art

Create your own art


Your art will be something you like and it will be unique.

Keep on experimenting

Keep on Experimenting (1)


Keep on moving your décor in your house, so that it will never be the same and you will never get bored.

So if you are looking for a beautiful home, visit LUSHlife who have one of the best residential projects in Pune.

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Dream Home Dream House Ideas Room

5 Things Every Dream Home Should Have

Everyone has their own version of dream home. A home which has everything you can ever dream of. Here are a few crazy ideas for your dream home.

Book Shelf

Courtesy: Book Shelf

A hidden room is a must for your dream home.

Wine Storage

Courtesy: Wine Cellar

A wine cellar so amazing that the party at your house never ends.


Courtesy: Secret Garage

It would be so cool to have a secret garage like Bond.


Courtesy: Floating Theatre

Because a normal home theatre is too main stream.


Courtesy: Bath Tub

A great place to relax, and end your day.

Now we know what a dream home looks like. For your own dream home visit LUSHLIFE who are one of the famous real estate developers in Pune

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decor Dream House Home Homes

5 Things That Complete Your Dream House

Buying one’s dream house is everyone’s ambition. The house that you buy depends upon many factors. It can be a penthouse or it can be an apartment. Still, there are things that would complete your dream home. If you want some inspiration, here are 5 awesome things that you can consider:

home cinema
Courtesy : Ultimate Sound System

It would be great to blast some music in these sound systems. 8971-kz-designs-photo-1-8

Courtesy : Home Decor

It would be great to curl up with a book on a Sunday morning in this swing!


Courtesy : Woo Home

It would be an amazing shower in here.


Courtesy : Woo Home

You will never run out of drinks for a party.


Courtesy : Woo Home

What would be a better way than this to end the day…

In order to view your dream home you can go to LUSHLIFE

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Antique decor Decoration Home Ideas Living Room Walls

5 Ideas To Light Up Your Living Room

When it comes to your living room, you just don’t want to get it wrong. Since you spend most of your days’ time in your living room, it is always important to get the tone & ambience right.

Revealing some ideas that will surely add more glamour and luxury to your favorite room!

Lighten, Whiten & Brighten! Because the brighter you see the better you feel.


Courtesy : Lux Decor

Bookshelf by the Sofa! So that bookworms can have a quick access to their books just at an arms stretch.


Courtesy : Book Shelf

Let Walls Do the Talking! Be it memories or inspiration, just wall Em’ up.


Courtesy : Picture Frames

And Colors! Because Colors are the Smiles of Nature & keeps you Happier.


Courtesy : Room Decoration

You can always invest in some antiques just because they’re ANTIQUES!


Courtesy : Antique Living

Once you get these things right, you might not want to get out of your house, so beware! Also, find similarly furnished homes at affordable rates here:

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Home Homes Interiors Lush Modern Homes

5 Things That Make Your Home Look Lush

Life is LUSH only when you choose to live it that way! Revealing some extra touches that will surely help you add some serious luxury to your home.

“Lights Will Guide You Home!” Add lights your home & it’ll add Luxury to it.

Courtesy : Living Room Design

Every Man’s Sanctuary – The Bedroom!

Courtesy : Interior Design

Tech-Savvy Homes for a SMARTER Living

Courtesy : Urban House

You know you’re living a LUSH life when you take long showers.

Courtesy : Shower Room

And the ENTRANCE, to make you feel good right from the word GO!

Courtesy : Home

All of these and much more made affordable at LUSHLIFE. Find out:

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Celebrations Diwali Gifts Ideas

5 Gift Ideas To Enhance Your Diwali Celebrations

Blog Image

Courtesy : Gifts

While the festival of lights, sweets & joy is round the corner, you would not want to waste time thinking whom to gift what, would you? To make the task easier for you we bring you some unique and exciting gifting ideas that you can chance on this Diwali.

How about Some Creative Gifts?

Going creative with your gift ideas can actually work wonders. Be it a coaster, picture frame or antique gift items you can always choose to add some interesting quotes or pictures on them with the help of online personalizing stores.

Or Some Artefacts?

Artefacts take your gifting ideas to a complete different level. With artefacts you can think of antique hand-worked home décor. Be it a multi-colored vase, shaped vessels or tea pots you can easily buy them from a design concept stores.

Let’s keep it Simple.

When you don’t know what to do, just choose the easy way out. Since the festival is all about sweets and sweetness, everyone would accept a box full of sweets gleefully.

Light ‘Em Up –

This Diwali, let there be lights everywhere! Send some beautiful collection of designer lights and lamps to your loved ones while you wish them a bright future ahead.

Diwali Coins –

The Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi or Om engraved coins will bring home blessings this festive season. What are you waiting for? Send some blessings to your loved ones right away.

This Diwali, gift yourself happiness! You can now buy new flats in Pune or invest in Upcoming residential projects in Pune only at LUSHLIFE.

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