Elements Of The OVO Life Which Make It So Unique

OVO 15

After a hectic and busy day at work, when you return home all you seek is a place where you can lay down with comfort, don’t you? Home is where every story begins, home is where childhood is nurtured and home is where you belong. Since a happy house stands so much of importance in every individual’s life, LUSHlife presents you a project just for every happy home seeker.

The OVO Life, project by LUSHlife brings you Low budget flats in Pune. The OVO Life fulfills every individual’s dream of living a luxurious and healthy life and that too at affordable rates. OVO life is designed keeping the modern happenings and trends in mind. Amidst the beauty and goodness of nature is the OVO life. OVO is a new concept of stylish and sustainable living where vision becomes reality to create a world of elegance and tranquility!

Luxury and affordability are two different aspects of life which has been brought together by LUSHlife. The project includes 2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments which perfectly showcases the blend of distinct architecture with handpicked eco-friendly materials, something that you’ll rarely find in any other residential project in Pune.

The OVO life has some breathtaking amenities on offering that will make you go wow. Some of the wow factors include Acupressure walkaways, Children’s activity area, Yoga and Meditation Studio, Alfresco Reading Area, Private theatre, World class gym and much more. Many exciting specifications like Laminated solid wood entrance door with night latch, Modular Kitchen with hob and chimney, Italian finished glazed tile dado and much more makes life worth living at OVO.

So come, live your dream with LUSHlife Luxury apartments in Pune!

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Introduce Yourself To A New LUSH Way Of Living This Dussehra

Courtesy : Dussehra
Dussehra marks the beginning of good times. So, when times are good, you need to do something that complements these amazing vibes around you. Thinking of buying a home you can call your own? There can’t be a more auspicious time you can do that, than now. LUSHLIFE offers quality living spaces with amenities that will add comfort and convenience to your life. Start your new life, filed with loads of happiness and prosperity at LUSHLIFE.
OVO is a project that offers Luxury Apartments in Undri with A-Grade amenities for relaxation. Set amidst nature’s beauty, with reflexology walkways and beautiful landscapes, we give you every reason to escape into a world away from all the troubles of life. If you’ve been planning to Book Luxury apartments in Pune this Dussehra, then LUSHLIFE is where we need to go. CENTRO is another LUSHLIFE project situated in Handewadi which is close to the best schools, colleges and hospitals you can think of. It is definitely another good option for you to Book 2BHK flats in Pune. Don’t settle for the ordinary or don’t flush out too much money, LUSHLIFE offers the best value-for-money living spaces for you, built with perfection and premium specifications.
So this Dussehra, gift your family a LUSHLIFE home where life starts to take a sweet turn.
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This Navratri, Add Colours of Life to your Living Space


Imagine a world without colours. Unimaginable? How would it be like if the skies weren’t blue or the sun not yellow? Colours can definitely make your life more exciting, change your mood, make you smile or cool you down, if need be. Each colour has its own significance. There can’t be a more apt time like Navratri, when this becomes even more noticeable and inevitable. Each day will take you through a different set of emotions thorough a kaleidoscope of colours. When the festivities bring in so many colours, why not make your homes colourful as well?
First thing first, think of a wacky wall colour that can actually transform your home’s look completely. Or think of ways of making those boring patches on your walls, interesting and exciting, Never had inclinations for paintings? Yes, tease your artistic side, buy a painting that rightly portrays what you really love. Book budget 2 BHK homes in Undri with amazing amenities at LUSHLIFE implement these interesting ideas. Ambient coloured lighting is another way to add more elements of colours to your home. There’s yet another easy way to colour your home. Try interesting upholstery and drapery for furniture. Make your guests go wow, with your unique choice and tastes! If you are looking for Budget apartments in Undri, Sky Heights is where you will find the best of them. The best part of this idea is that it won’t really cost you much. If you want to go all out, try some fun looking carpets for your floors and see the magic of colours for yourself. Buy new Flats in Undri at LUSHLIFE and watch how your homes turn more colourful. The choice of colours for your interiors and decors also matters a lot. These litting things matter a lot to make your homes look more vibrant.
With so many options in front of you, think of the most innovative ways in which you can make your homes look more colourful this Navratri.
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Read what makes SKY HEIGHTS homes so unique in the budget segment


Living in a place you can call home, is a feeling that everyone dreams of experiencing. But in that process, you might lose out on a lot of things. With property rates always soaring skywards, owning your dream home, remains a distant reality in most cases. Even if the opportunity arrives, you might have to make some compromises when it comes to the pricing or the offerings. Either the rates are too high or it is located in an odd location far from basic essentials like schools, colleges, hospitals etc. And when budgets fit into your brackets, the developers might have compromised on the quality of specifications. There are very few instances when you’re in a win-win situation.

SKY HEIGHTS is where your search will beautifully end. LUSHLIFE has always believed in offering the best without any compromise on quality. Situated in Undri, Pune’s most promising residential locations, far from the city’s troubles yet close all the essentials that one dreams of. So, if you’ve been looking for Budget 2BHK apartments in Undri, then Sky Heights is where you need to head. With amenities like swimming pool, gym etc. to make feel relaxed all day long, here is where your family will be introduced to a new lush way of life. 2BHK flats in Undri rarely come with such amazing facilities, specifications at such affordable rates. Trust is one of the major factors that drivesLUSHLIFE and you can trust us without worrying. Also currently some discounted rates running specially for you; hurry up, make the most of it and book your dream home now. Don’t waste any more time, Book budget 2BHK apartments in Undri.

Now that you know why you should go nowhere else but Sky Heights when you are looking for affordable 2BHK flats in Undri, without compromising on quality even a bit, don’t think twice, get in touch with us today

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5 attractions of the Centro Neighbourhood that will surely catch your fancy


Investing in a home is a big decision indeed and you cannot really afford to go wrong. CENTRO Neighbourhood is one of LUSHLIFE’s most premium residential projects located in Handewadi. You will find all the necessary reasons that will make you realize that this is where you will find your dream home. Here’s why.

Well thought living spaces

If you’ve been looking for well-designed 2BHK premium apartments in Handewadi, then CENTRO is where your search will end beautifully. Every brick laid makes sure that space is utilized in the most ideal fashion. So you can expect that homes at CENTRO are value-for-money.

Proximity to schools and hospitals

Convenience is one important essential that you can’t avoid when you are looking for homes. CENTRO Neighbourhood is close to the best schools and hospitals you can think of. So stop worrying about your kids getting the best education or your family getting the best healthcare solutions. CENTRO is where you should book premium 2BHK apartments in Handewadi.

Premium specifications

At LUSHLIFE, you can be rest assured that we do not compromise when it comes to quality. Every specification that we offer, is a decision made by our architects after a long discussion. Most 2BHK flats in Handewadi, would not offer such amazing specifications at such fabulous rates.

Amenities to relax and unwind

Life is full of complications and stress. It is only your homes, where you can find your piece of mind. CENTRO offers great amenities from swimming pool to indoor and outdoor gym to help hit that de-stress button. You won’t find 2BHK flats in Handewadi with such fantastic amenities.

The Shopping Experience

Imagine stepping out of your home and indulging in a shopping-spree. Forget cutting through the city’s traffic and wasting your time. Instead use the same time to check out some more options or simply window shop. Yep, CENTRO Neighbourhood also has a full-fledged mall and an organic market where all your needs will be surely satisfied.

Now that you’ve got so many reasons, simply go ahead and make that choice you’ve been prolonging from quite a while.

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4 eco-friendly decoration ideas you can try this Ganesh Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi was a festival, introduced by Balgangadhar Tilak to get rid of the awful caste system in the society and celebrate with oneness, the arrival of Shree Ganesh. Over the years, it has grown to rather become a status quo for some and has also had some harmful effects on the environment. It is our moral responsibility to find eco-friendly ways to celebrate this beautiful occasion of togetherness. Most importantly, the first thing we all can do is bring home an eco-friendly Ganpati made of clay instead of plaster of Paris. We bet even the Lord himself would be happy if you do that! The next thing you can do is try some eco-friendly decoration ideas at home.

Flowers & Stones

Flowers, real ones can add a dash of freshness to your décor. From lilies to orchids, roses and marigolds, do up your Ganesh temple with beautiful flower arrangements. You can also bring home some coloured stones of varying sizes and place them strategically to add a new dimension to your decorations.

Paper Mache  

Instead of throwing away newspapers and magazines, use them to make paper mache. This unique byproduct can then be used to create lovely looking artifacts of your choice. Go creative; make a cute little mouse, Ganesha’s favourite vehicle or create a 3D scenery.

Re-used Waste

Apart from paper, you can also use unused CDs, plastic containers or other electronic waste to create something unique. The best part is that you can get together with friends and family and have some exciting times, working on these amazing decoration ideas. It definitely sets the celebratory mood on.

Natural Moss

Last but not the least, fresh green grass or moss can be used to cover areas that are looking bland otherwise. By using it you can also create a miniature landscape with little thatched huts made of match boxes and matchsticks. Bring out the kid in you and celebrate these auspicious times in a way you would never forget.

Now that you’ve got a fair idea on what can be done to Go Green this Ganesh Chaturthi, show the Lord how much you love the environment and your own small ways of protecting it.

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Why OVO was awarded the best residential project in Pune

OVO 15

Today, Pune has become one of the most popular locations when it comes to Real Estate and residential projects. More and more real estate brands in Pune are setting up projects keeping in mind the aspirations of the home seekers with a modern outlook. Very few although make it a point to offer what they actually claim. For example, the word Luxury has become a beaten up word. With so many Luxury Apartments in Pune to choose from, making the right choice can be a real nightmare.

OVO offers Luxury Apartments in Pune for sale with well-thought amenities that every modern-day customer looks for. We at LUSHLIFEmake it a point to maintain the highest level of quality in every process. We believe in maintaining the perfect balance in the eco-system by following green initiatives while developing our projects. The architecture of OVO is exceptional and has been designed by experts in the industry. The thoughtful usage of space and high end specifications is what makes OVO better than the rest of its competitors. If you’ve been looking for spacious 2BHK flats in Undri, Pune, then OVO is where you will find your dream home. Apart from the amazing architecture, OVO also offers premium amenities for relaxation and instances that inspire you to follow a healthy lifestyle. From a fully equipped gymnasium to, swimming pool to lush green landscapes, OVO is where you will find your escape from a busy and hectic city life.

Even though many popular real estate brands in Pune contended in this award function, LUSHLIFE’s OVO emerged out as the winners. Not one, not two, there are several reasons why you should book your home at OVO. Apart from 2BHK flats in Undri OVO also offers penthouses, garden apartments and more. Don’t think twice, when you are at LUSHLIFE, expect nothing less than the best as OVO has been awarded as the best residential project of the year in Pune.

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4 ways to make your home look more luxurious

We always dream of living life luxuriously, but rarely believe that it’s quite possible. Yes with a little brains and some effort you can now make your homes look absolutely luxurious without you having to burn a hole in your pockets.

Stick to Classics

Classic is about keeping it simple. Neutral colours can easily do the trick. Make a few more minimalistic additions to your décor and there you are, you get the classic look for your homes. Remember to make the best use of your space and avoid cluttered patterns for your interiors. Add a splash of bold colours and interesting textures at certain places to give your rooms a new dimension. If you’re looking for Low budget flats in Pune then head towards Lushlife and try this idea in your new home.


Courtesy: betterdecoratingbible.com

Be innovative

A simple painting, an interesting chandelier or inexpensive shades that resonate warm lighting can make your homes look beautiful. Or search for some cool DIY tips and create your own design elements. For example use multiple book shelves, put them up on your walls vertically and horizontally to make them look like one interesting storage unit. Thinking of buying a new home in Pune? Lushlife offers amazing 2 bhk flats in undri pune to make your dream home into sweet a reality.


Courtesy: moorepix.com

Make your walls look interesting

Take up an area which you think looks bland and think of giving its walls an interesting dimension with some cool wall art that suits your style. Remember to have elements that give your homes a personal appeal.


Courtesy: www.fohomes.com

Old is good

Get back to your storeroom, take out things that you had almost forgotten about, flip through some old picture albums and pick up the most interesting ones that you think defines the most priceless moments of your life. Book Luxury apartments in Pune at Lushlife and try doing this.


Courtesy: www.home-designing.com

Lushlife offers New flats in Pune New flats in Pune which are designed keeping in mind every aspect of comfort and convenience. Don’t think, the time is right and we are the most trusted real estate brand in Pune, book your LUSHLIFE home today.

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5 basic styles of modern home décor

There are several terms that perfectly describe the word ‘Home’ in our lives. “Home is where you belong, Home is where your Heart is, there’s no place like Home and etc. etc.” We all have similar value added to our homes with lots of emotions flowing into it but it becomes equally difficult to have a one mind when it comes to choosing a design for your home, isn’t that true? If you too are facing similar difficulties then you need not worry as here are some modern stylish home décor ideas that might help you…

  1. To start with, let’s focus on the Classic Style!


Source : http://www.home-designing.com/2009/02/more-classic-interior-designs

Classic has always been the trend no matter which era we live in it brings a different look and feel to your home by adding more richness to the structure of furniture, lighting, prints and etc. This style is preferred by people who mostly like to lead a Royal life.

  1. Then comes the most popular – Modern Minimalistic Style!

Minimal is the New Cool, it’s as simple as that! This form is basically all about achieving perfection, accuracy & simplicity that comes along heavy or bright backgrounds. People love to keep things simple and this is what is earning more fame for Minimalistic Designs.


Source : http://creativityahome.blogspot.in/2015/05/minimalist-interior-home-office.html

  1. The Maverick Style

This style of Design comes with innovative, unconventional and out of the box ideas. Maverick style is considered to be an idea that is more youthful, energetic and happening. Experimenting with colors, playing with the structure and its shape and overlapping the volumes are all a part of this Style. If colors are what you love then this style is for you!


Source : http://wa.homebuyers.com.au/house-and-land-package/lot-13-4-cerulean-road-karnup

  1. Contemporary Style

This style is all about focusing highly on the type of color used and using lights that go along with it. Antiques, wall frames, solid wooden doors, lamps, polished floors, carpets along with great ambience when compiled as one leads to Contemporary Design!


Source : http://www.boonthavornhomeclinic.com/?portfolio=contemporary

  1. Rustic Style

This style is something that we all have grown up watching in most of the Hollywood movies and series. Sharp detailing’s, unpolished structure, quite a lot of furniture and together some of tree branches, logs & trunks make this design very unique.


Source : http://www.sothebysrealty.com/eng/sales/detail/180-l-740-pm5cn8/completely-custom-estate-uxbridge-on-l9p1r4

So why wait, go design your home as you want because after all ‘Home is the Starting Place of Love, Hope and Dreams’ And you deserve it all!

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6 Reasons Why We Should Live Near Greenery

Today, man has evolved to such an extent that they have stretched the boundaries a bit too far and is in a way questioning the power of nature. It’s high time that we respect the importance of taking care of our eco-system. Here are the benefits of staying close to nature.

Wake up to sounds of nature

When your home is away from all the bustling city life, you can wake up to the sounds of chirping birds and all the goodness that will literally make your day.

Tour boat at waterfall, Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park

Courtesy : Nature Sound

Breathe in Clean air

When you are breathing in clean air, you are invariably staying away from the niggling health issues. Your kids for sure are going to start living a healthy life and research shows that clean air also helps in the overall development of the body, mind and soul.


Courtesy : Clean Air

Bring Home Peace

It has been proven scientifically that greenery reduces negative emotions that pent-up within you like anger or depression and keeps you happy from within. You know happiness is contagious, isn’t it?


Courtesy : Home Peace

Healthier Lifestyle

When you are away from all kinds of polluted environs, you can be rest assured that you will add a few more years to your life. Your surroundings will inspire you to stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle.


Courtesy : Healthy Lifestyle

Your Home, a Holiday Home

When you need a break, all you will have to do is step out and explore the unexplored. Forget about planning a trip to a far-off location. Enjoy a getaway not too far away from home.

11Courtesy : Vacation Homes

Feel Energetic all Day

When you are staying in a green environment, you are always full of energy, always up for some adventure, some fun with friends and family.

Family lifestyle

Courtesy : Healthy Family

All LUSHLIFE properties are strategically located in a way that you will be close to all the essentials like the best schools, colleges and hospitals while you are away from pollution. Book your dream home today.


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